Stepdraw is a creative production studio, specializing in animation and videography content that pleases the eyes and KPIs. It was a challenge to find and explore new ideas for a creative approach. The bold frame was chosen to be the main visual identity element. It is a starting point from the client approach to project delivery. The frame enables us to create dynamic content around it, and show that experiences define this brand.


Dynamic identity allows being adaptive. For example, Stepdraw is an animation and videography studio, so we can code visuals or anything related to those departments. In the future, if a new department will be opened, the brand would be a fit for expansion. But as for now, we expressed the duality of the brand to visualize animation and videography as separate but united units. ↓

Duality visualization examples that would be seen on the website when choosing which department to look at more. ↓

Variations of the logotype with or without a frame on Social media posts grid. ↓


Selected projects and experiences define identity. So every visual element can play with frame elements as they expand and contribute to the dynamic brand. ↓

Huge thanks for design + execution goes to Otilija Morozaitė.
And for concept + creative direction goes to Justina Valužytė.

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