Motion Presentation

LAAX OPEN 2021 slope review for FIS Snowboard World Cup Slopestyle Finals. With slopestyle and halfpipe competitions, Laax Open has a long history of hosting world-class snowboard events featuring the world's best athletes.

My task for this project was to create a whole 3D hill scene with given ramps and tricks for competition. In addition, I animated smooth camera movement with match-cut transitions. 

For contrast scenes, material colors were inverted. ↓

For an extra touch, I wanted to create the 3D environment to match real-life elevation environment. For this reason I generated a surface from coordinates in this location. ↓

Client = FIS Snowboard World Cup
Production studio =
Creative concept + Lead designer = Matas Zaloga
Graphics Animation = Otilija Morozaitė
3D + Camera Animation = Ignas Kairelis
Sound design = Karolis Grabys


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