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Visual assets for digital conference

Sachs Associates is a long-established international conference company, with offices in Switzerland and the UK. SACHS associates run a limited number of high-profile conferences in Europe and the USA, focusing on BioPharma, Medtech, and Digital Health. These conferences focus on licensing and investment opportunities, and all provide presenting opportunities for companies and excellent meeting facilities for all delegates to network. 

Sachs Associates focuses on the practical benefits of conference participation, exchanging ideas, and information facilitating business transactions.

My main task was to reimagine and recreate Visual assets for live stream event.  For the Annual European Healthtech CEO Forum, I had to reveal two different event parts: Biotech and Medtech. I came up with a solution to make an abstract DNA fragment with two mixed materials representing Bio and Med parts.

Custom transitions between two different scenes. ↓

Custom cards for different livestream parts. ↓

Custom template for keynotes with automated repositioning for titles and names. ↓

Dynamic templates for easy nametag export from Excel file. ↓

Client = Sachs Associates
Concept + Motion design = Ignas Kairelis


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